Connecting Information to Knowledge

i2k Connect mines the value in your unstructured data with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The i2k AI Platform classifies, analyzes, tags and reveals high value knowledge locked within data assets.

We have expertise in the Oil & Gas, Energy, Financial Services, and Healthcare industries.

Find Lost Information

Tagging documents by hand is expensive and inconsistent. And searching for documents with missing or incorrect tags wastes time – or means they simply can't be found. Our platform uses machine learning to find the documents you need and mine their value.

Unlock Connections

Analyze and visualize distributions, trends and correlations in your information. Understand the information you have and how it has changed over time. Our platform highlights documents that are related in ways you may have forgotten or of which you were unaware.

Manage Unstructured Data Growth

As the number of documents in your company continues to expand, manual tagging and governance cannot keep pace with organizational requirements. Our platform provides the intelligent filing and indexing you need.

Solve the Legacy Documents Problem

Reduce storage cost and mitigate risk by identifying redundant and outdated documents based on their content and your records retention and disposition schedule. Our platform provides the intelligent assistance IT departments and records managers need.

Simplify Acquisitions and Divestitures

When companies merge, acquire assets, or divest assets, many documents must be analyzed and reorganized to streamline the A&D process and enable seamless ongoing operations. Our platform provides the automation you need to solve the problem with minimal time and effort.