Dedicated to Our Clients

The i2k Team delivers outstanding software, service, and support tailored to our clients' needs. Out of the box, the i2k Connect Artificial Intelligence Platform tags documents with accurate and consistent metadata, tuned for several industries and applications. Innovative machine learning enables it to adapt quickly to your company's preferred approach.

We currently specialize in Oil & Gas, Healthcare, and Financial Services.

Expertise is the Difference

Our team of experts is what sets us apart from others providing AI solutions in the marketplace. With 125+ years of combined experience in industry, computing sciences and AI, we help accelerate the integration of AI within your organization to drive digital transformation.

i2k Team of Experts

Reid Smith
Co-Founder and CEO
Co-Founder & Chief Scientist
Chief Technology Officer
Webinar Speaker
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Architect
Software Developer
Director of Marketing
Director of Service Delivery
David Mack Endres
Technical Advisor
Senior Information Analyst

i2k Connect Milestones

Some remarkable events in our history



AITopics information portal hosts links to news related to artificial intelligence


i2k introduces automatic discovery and classification of internet news stories with AITopics NewsFinder


i2k Connect LLC founded

NSF SBIR Phase I awarded

i2k Connect AI Platform under development


NSF SBIR Phase II awarded

Collaboration with SPE on Research Portal


SPE Research Portal released in Beta


SPE Research Portal in production to global membership

i2k automates weekly email alert service (AI-Alert) containing the week's most important news stories about AI and Machine Learning


i2k commercializes in Oil & Gas, Healthcare, and Financial Services

i2k selected for Schlumberger's DELFI Cognitive E&P Environment

i2k partners with Google, Microsoft and AWS

i2k develops new Genetic Algorithm for AI-Alerts news selection


i2k Connect Inc. establishe
i2k CTO and Chief Architect receive "Deployed Application Case Study Award" at the 31st Annual Conference on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence.
Reid G. Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of i2k Connect Inc. earned the lifetime distinction of AAAS Fellow, in honor of his contributions to science and technology. Read the Press Release


i2k Connect joined The Open Group. Read the Press Release.

i2k Oilfield Places® received official trademark registration.

i2k analyzed 12 MM documents (32 TB) to assist Chevron’s integration of Noble Energy assets.

i2k extended classifiers for Energy Efficiency and Conservation.

i2k increased its coverage of i2k Oilfield Places® to 13,000 oil & gas fields worldwide.

i2k advanced its ability to recognize problematic drilling events (e.g., lost circulation, stuck pipe).

i2k Connect implemented Virtual Well File for the i2k AI Platform.

i2k became the search provider for Darcy Partners’ Darcy Connect site.

i2k became the search provider for AAAI's Interactive AI Magazine website, improving findability of AI Magazine articles and AAAI conference publications.

i2k continues to provide embedded AI within Schlumberger’s DELFI data ecosystem.