Just the news you need

i2k Newsflash identifies and delivers news that requires urgent attention. Separating the critical data from the clutter reduces time lost to information overload.

Internet & Internal Sources

Our platform is right at home in your current environment – on-premise, cloud or a hybrid. It has connectors for Internet sources, SharePoint, File Shares and other Enterprise Content Management systems.

Tags, Your Way

Our platform supports interactive analysis of internal and Internet information, using the tags and taxonomies relevant your organization.

Concept Tagging

Concept tags – words and phrases that best describe the content of documents – provide the ultimate ability to view information derived via AI-based analysis. Our platform is domain-aware and analyzes your information to deliver tags that make sense for your industry.


We've built a powerful auto-summary tool that reads each document, identifies the key points, and compiles them into an outline so you can hone in on the information that matters to you.

Relevant Topics

Our platform is adaptable and able to categorize content into over a dozen taxonomies, including Wellness, in addition to your organization's specific taxonomies.

i2k Connect delivers a new information discovery experience for your organization – to bring together both Internet and internal information, using your topics and organization. We understand the challenges that large organizations face when managers and individual contributors are overloaded with data because they lack effective tools to recognize and focus on just the data they need. Time lost to overload costs large companies from tens to hundreds of millions of dollars per year. i2k Connect directly addresses that problem using a novel combination of AI-based machine learning and subject matter expertise.

i2k Connect powers information discovery for health & wellness experts at TOVI, which delivers personalized health information to employees at client corporations.

The key is i2k's novel AI-based engine that automatically and consistently characterizes documents with concepts and geotags that best describe the Health & Wellness curated content.

From a universe of several dozen designated sources, the new engine builds on the familiar online shopping experience so TOVI's experts can target information that matters to their customer community.

Separating the critical data from the clutter reduces time lost to information overload.

"i2k saves us from having to scour the Internet for relevant content and does the searching for us! This time-saving platform finds us material from reliable and trustworthy sources that our users find very informative, interesting and useful."

Suzanne Grendahl, Content Manager, TOVI