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Learn the benefits of utilizing AI to extract key knowledge and data from unstructured content. 



i2k Webinar


Accelerating Upstream Exploration with AI
Presented by: Becky Thomas, Chief Operating Officer and Julia Elliott, Director of Service Delivery
May 20, 2021

Learn how upstream operators are using artificial intelligence to accelerate exploration.

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i2k Webinar

Gain Actionable Insights with AI in 2021
Presented by: Becky Thomas, Chief Operating Officer
January 14, 2021

Data is your most strategic asset. Learn how i2k Connect tackles the challenge of increasing siloed data repositories, hybrid clouds, short decision time windows, and the need to extract value from your data.

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i2k Connect AI Platform: Demonstration & Use Cases
Presented by: Becky Thomas, Chief Operating Officer
June 24, 2020

The i2k Connect AI Platform finds, filters, and analyzes unstructured information residing within the enterprise providing the ability to organize, auto-classify, tag, and present information relevant to your business operations. This webinar will provide an overview of the 10 features within the i2k AI Platform that will demonstrate how it eliminates the manual effort performed by knowledge workers to find, extract, and interpret data in documents.

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SPE Research Portal
Presented by: Eric Schoen, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer

June 3, 2020

A demonstration of the Society of Petroleum Engineers Research Portal.  You will learn how to use this resource provided to the SPE community.  To better help its members find information, discover knowledge, and explore trends, the SPE has implemented an artificial intelligence enabled “Research Portal.”

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Lessons Learned Deploying AI in the Real World
Presented by: Joshua Eckroth, Ph.D., Chief Architect
February 27, 2020

This webinar discussed lessons learned from our experiences at i2k Connect Inc. in successfully deploying AI solutions that meet business goals. With anecdotes drawn from two of our products, an AI-driven news alerting service and an AI platform for extracting data from financial documents, we reviewed the AI Workflow checklist developed in my book, AI Blueprints: How to build and deploy AI business projects (Packt Publishing, 2018). The detailed checklist is grouped into four high-level viewpoints that help managers and developers ensure their AI solution is meeting business goals, using appropriate technologies, and providing value long-term.

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Knowledge Discovery for E&P Operators
Presented by: Eric Schoen, PhD, Chief Technology Officer

November 21, 2019

Information is the foundation of the business of Oil & Gas, much of it contained in documents. We work with operators and service companies to implement our platform to find, extract, and analyze the data to enable asset teams to make the right decisions. The i2k AI Platform uses pre-trained knowledge bases to accelerate the process of finding the value hidden in unstructured documents.

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