The i2k Connect AI Platform powers the Society of Petroleum Engineers' (SPE) Research Portal to deliver a new information discovery experience to more than one hundred thousand Upstream Oil & Gas industry professionals. Our platform was also selected as the AI technology embedded within the Schlumberger DELFI Cognitive E&P Environment.

We work with operators and service companies to implement our platform to find, extract, and analyze the data to enable asset teams to make the right decisions.

Information is the foundation of the business of Oil & Gas, much of it contained in documents. We improve the operational efficiency by automatically identifying basins, fields and formations, and by classifying, into the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Geologic Time, and other taxonomies.

i2k Oilfield Places®, specifically for the Oil & Gas industry, is a microservice within the i2k Connect AI Platform. The microservice recognizes and disambiguates references to places of interest. It exposes a taxonomy that characterizes places from defined geopolitical and geological standpoints. Customers benefit from rapid identification and auto-classification of structured and unstructured content, which accelerates their ability to find and leverage the data they need now.

Concept Tagging

Concept tags – words and phrases that best describe the content of documents – provide the ultimate ability to view information derived via AI-based analysis. Our platform is domain-aware and analyzes your information to deliver tags that make sense for your industry.


We've built a powerful auto-summary tool that reads each document, identifies the key points, and compiles them into an outline so you can hone in on the information that matters to you.

Relevant Topics

Our platform is adaptable and able to categorize content into over a dozen taxonomies, including Information Technology, in addition to your organization's specific taxonomies.

Interactive Analysis

With useful metadata such as concept tags and topics, it's easier than ever to filter and find documents. Graphical analyzers elevate your ability to detect trends and connections.

Your Environment, As-Is

Our platform is right at home in your current environment, whether on-premise, cloud or a hybrid. It supports interactive analysis of internal and Internet information, using the tags and taxonomies relevant your organization.

Multiple Content Sources

With connectors to SharePoint, File Shares and other Enterprise Content Management systems, our platform is ready for your content.

Unlocking Value in Your Information Assets

We deliver a new information discovery experience for your organization – to bring together both internal and internet information, including SPE content.

We understand that internal documents, including reports, presentations and email messages, are rarely tagged with the metadata needed to make their content easy to find. Tagging is time-consuming and prone to bias. Overloaded workers do not see it as their job and are not trained for the task. The result is lost time, lost insight, increased risk, and duplicate storage cost. Even for companies of modest size, the bill amounts to millions of dollars per year.

We assist workers with a novel combination of machine learning and subject matter expertise. The latter is captured in pre-built industry-specific taxonomies and in domain concepts that evolve automatically as the platform reads new documents.

The key is an innovative AI-based engine that automatically and consistently characterizes documents with the Oil & Gas concepts and geotags that best describe their content. The new engine builds on the familiar online shopping experience so people can focus on the information that matters to them.

"SPE has a wealth of highly valued information, but finding it can be a challenge – even when you know it is there. Without a dramatic change, the situation will not get any better, especially as the diversity of our information sources expands. i2k Connect's AI-based tools give our members the means to surface the right information at the right time."

John Boden, VP of IT and Membership Services, SPE