i2k Connect Artificial Intelligence Platform

The i2k Connect AI Platform delivers artificial intelligence and machine learning into your business operations. It is deployable as SaaS to Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, private cloud, data center or on-premise.

The Platform supports Oil & Gas, Financial Services, and Healthcare. Pre-trained knowledge bases accelerate and disclose the process of finding the value hidden in unstructured documents.

i2k Connect was formed with the idea of using AI to connect information currently buried in text to knowledge important for action. Development was supported in part by the National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research Program; Awards #1415757 and #1534798.

Features that are included in the platform can be configured to support many use cases.

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i2k Identifier

Tag concepts, places, companies, and other entities mentioned in a file.

i2k Classifier

Categorize files into a set of taxonomies, industry-specific and/or company-specific, customized to meet your needs, and explain the basis of the categorization.

i2k Summarizer

Construct a summary of the content of a file that outlines the essential information.

i2k Text Miner

Extract the text and text structure from a variety of file formats, including PDF, Microsoft Office, and HTML (web pages and multipart MIME files). OCR when needed.

i2k Newsflash

Subscribe to alerts that eliminate the clutter and keep you up-to-date as relevant new Internet or internal information appears.

i2k Analyzer

Analyze sets of files for tag distributions, trends and correlations. Quickly identify duplicate and outdated files for deletion.


i2k Integrator

Deliver i2k enriched metadata to your existing information management systems for improved findability and collaboration.

i2k Headliner

Identify the titles of files, distinct from the filenames, for clearer search and navigation.

i2k Portal

Interactively search, filter, navigate and analyze internal and internet content.

i2k Table Miner

Detects tables in PDF documents, recognizes each table's structure, and returns a machine-interpretable description.

i2k Query

Interprets user questions as an intelligent assistant for processing by other i2k components (i.e., chatbots).

i2k Data Miner

Combs files to identify, extract and summarize data points (e.g., tabular data, drilling events, reservoir parameters).

i2k Oilfield Places® 

Industry knowledge base for identifying regions, basins, fields, and formations.

i2k SQL Miner

Combs SQL databases to identify, extract and summarize data points (e.g., drilling events, reservoir parameters).